Oceano Salvatore Russo

Born as Salvatore on the second of February, the festival of the sea and of Jemanja, in Sorrento the land of sirens of the ancient romans, at the age of two he discovered the danger and the fear of the sea but then gained respect for it when taken by a huge wave and then saved by a siren.

Learning to swim at the age of 10, he started looking for his way of expression in the water by learning fishing, canoeing, surfing, kite surfing, diving, SUP, apnea and more.

Following this passion he began traveling, dancing and healing, and along this path, tried a variety of massage and healing therapies and than it was in Ibiza, that he discovered Tantra.

It was in the summer 2012, following some deep emotional work that brought him to be reborn as Oceano.  This, like a spring of love and a dancing healing river being born, flowed down with mermaids and dolphins all the way to the pacific ocean where he met two masters who taught him the base of the work that in a few months completely changed his life.

Watsu aguahara janzu liquid flow aguafloat jahara dance meditation and above all else observing marine life has also inspired his work as much as the guide of the queen of the sea has.

On 14 07 14 with Wataflow, Oceano launched water evolution, a wave of love desiring to reach as many people as possible and to teach all the powerful healing properties of the water and in particular of the sea, the ocean.

Oceano works and trains others by sharing his water knowledge in over 8 countries across three continents. As a liquid dreamer and visionary, he is planning the opening of several Wataflow centres around the world.