Dance massage meditation in natural water

Applying different technique and maneuvers wataflow takes the receiver in a blissful state of no mind, no gravity, silence, movements and emotions. it is about creating a safe space in water where is possible to switch off the mind, relaxes the body an let go of blocked emotion and feel lighter with more life force and clarity.

Water is an essential elements, it contributes to about 80% of our body constitution and at as much surface of the planet.

It represents the source, the mother, the femininity, the surrendering the receiving, the trust!

More than doing or giving a massage wataflow is to be fluid, the observe the receiver body and follow it flow it!.

The invitation is to surrender, to observe without judgement, just like in a meditation.

More trust, love and joyfulness can be side effects in most cases.

Every person and every session are unique, each one tailor made according to body and emotion.

One session can be very powerful experience, more treatments can lead the receiver to let go of many old unnecessary and sometimes unknown blokages.

While moving the body in to a fluid space giving the possibility to stretch the body very deeply bringing clarity and transparency to our mind.

Morethan a massage ..a dance that can take in to a deep meditative state a journey to our essence of light.